Girls Gone WoW – Show 322: Hopes for lore in Bazeroth!

This week The Akasaurus joined us to talk about the lore in WoW, and what we’re hoping for in Bazeroth. There was also a slightly unfortunate incident of gnome hate but we’ll gloss over that for now…

You can find Akasaurus @theAkasaurus on twitter

Next week: No guess in case we end up drinking too much gin in the afternoon but give us your bucket list updates! How are you getting on?

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1 thought on “Girls Gone WoW – Show 322: Hopes for lore in Bazeroth!

  1. I have officially switched my main WoW podcast from “The Instance” to GGW. You have a very enjoyable podcast, and since you are fans of probably the greatest writer of the century (Terry Pratchett) I cannot help but support you. As an aside, I should not have done a search for GGW. I have aged well out of wet T-shirt contests:(

    I would like to weigh in on the discussion in show #322. The on again-off again relationship between Horde and Alliance reflects real world politics. From the perspective of the US (my current home), we fought the Germans in two world wars and now we are chums. We were cool with the Soviet Union during the 2nd World War, then we hated them during the Cold War, then they became sort of a political “friends with benefits”, now we are starting to treat them as enemies again. Japan, hated foe; now buddies. I mean they make most of our cars and electronics. I could continue to go on with the comparisons, but it gets boring. Consequently, I rather like the muddy nature of the Alliance and the Horde. I play both sides, although I prefer the Alliance because we have managed to grasp the concept of arcitecture which appears to elude the Horde.

    Finally, ever since we in the US appear to have choosen Garrosh Hellscream as our leader I am seriously considering paying for a faction change. Just waiting to see if we get Sylvanis next time.

    Daftbugger (Ret. Pally on Shu’halo)

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