Girls Gone WoW – Show 412: Achievements

We’re back this week with Joe from the Geektitude podcast and we had a great time talking about our best and worst achievements in game…once we got the technical issues fixed.

You can find Joe @epicgrays on Twitter.

Next week: Jarf & Elizabella are with us and we’re having a big Team Postive Fest: Tell us what the best thing you’ve ever done in Wow is!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 398: Biggest achievements for the year!

Cherry is back with us this week and we’re talking about our biggest achievements , in and around WoW for 2019. It’s basically a bit of a lovefest.

You can find Cherry on our discord!

Next week: It’s the big 400! Watch this space for details.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 350: Greatest achievement in WoW

This week Caz is back with us again to talk about what our greatest personal achievements in game are and it’s fair to say people came up with some great ones!

You can find Caz on Twitter @caz_lives or in our Discord channel.

Next week: Grandmaster Jarf and Elizabeth are coming along to talk about dark iron dwarves and dorf heritage armor!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 221: Grindy McGrindface

Mr Fraser is our guest once again this week whilst we hear all about Raven’s house move, Dino’s complete inability to behave like normal horse and get on the goddamned trailer and manage to squeeze in some chat about grindy achievements. Seems you all had a lot to say about these too!

You can find Simon @SimonFr on Twitter.

Next week: We’re discussing the new Warcraft Chronicles book! Tell us what you think! If this is a good topic for you and you’d like to join us on the show to talk about it ping me.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 174: Going to need a bigger bag

This week on Girls Gone WoW it’s all about achievements with the lovely Leeta! Find out what epic achievements Leeta is working towards, and what else the girls have been doing with not one, but TWO VOICEMAILS!

You can find Leeta on Twitter @leetawow, or on Ctrl+Alt+WoW or Behind the Avatar podcasts.

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Girls gone WoW 99: I got 99 toons but the gnome ain’t one.

We get some words of wisdom for when your friend is hurting; heal them by kicking them in the face… Or so Mr Rob from The Trainingdummies tells us.  We have bacon, booze, boobies and lady panda’s. Oh yeah! We are looking for unicorn farts while levelling our professions and Raven has been hallucinating a good LFR with loads of loot.

Show 99:

Welcome back Rob!

Interview time

  • Give us an update: what has changed since last time we spoke?
  • What is your favourite thing to do in MoP so far?
  • Boobie-update: what are the best and worst boobies in game right now?

How was our week in WoW?

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Show 99: Account wide acheesements – have they been a success or a failure? What if (any) changes would you like to see? #wow #podcasts #warcraft


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Girls gone WoW 99: I got 99 toons but the gnome ain’t one.

Loremaster…so close I can taste it. Nom nom nom

I have been incredibly busy lately. I found it hard to log in and actually work on the 2 achievements I really want. Loremaster and grinding rep for the Cenarion Circle and Expedition. I only do it, because I love the titles:

Loremaster Orronil or Orronil, Guardian of Cenarius. *blissful sigh*

The time I was online I started to slowly grind for both and behold, I did achieve something:

And as you can see, I still need to finish around 80 quest in Icecrown.

I did hit exalted with the Cenarion Circle, but no flashy things popped up :< Now I’m trying to grind those damn ears to hand in at the Deta guys and getting my claws on coilfang armaments. Slowly it’s creeping up, but it’s a slow rep grind.

Then there are some other things on my list. With Cata and the whole world-changing, I realised that I do want to hit exalted with certain factions and do more mount runs. I checked my list of reputations and it seems since I’ve played this char almost from the launch of WoW, she’s actually not far off from exalted with most factions. This will be my new list:

  • Exalted Zandalar Tribe
  • Exalted Wintersaber trainers
  • Try to get the Baron’s mount
  • Try to get the raptor from ZG
  • Try to get the tiger from ZG
  • ow and while I’m at it, still trying to get Anzu. Damn bird still hasn’t dropped his reigns :/

I have decided to put my levelling on hold. I’ll try to level them all when Cata comes out. That way it will be fresh and fun again. I will also have to transfer all my hordies to an all horde server. Call me slightly weird, but I like having servers ordered by faction.

So what about everyone else? Anyone quickly grinding rep or mounts before the world is changed?