Girls Gone WoW – Show 367: How is BAzeroth for you?

Just us this week and we started a bit late and it all got a bit rambly but we were supposed to be talking about how people are finding Battle for Azeroth. The consensus seemed to be that it’s great…as long as you don’t have time to play much so you haven’t noticed that the content has run out. Not exactly a ringing endorsement but generally we LOVE the storyline so it’s not all bad!

I guess you don’t need to listen now?

Next week: The boys from the Training Dummies are joining us and we’re facing a face off! Horde v Alliance! EU v NA! Which is best….?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 302: Hopes for Battle for Azeroth!

Loads of you wrote in this week to tell us what you hope to see in Battle and it was wonderful, thank you. We discussed all your thoughts and our own with lovely guest Caz! It’s a good show.

You can find Caz on Twitter @caz_lives.

Next week: Codecat will be joining us to talk about the art design in Legion! What do you think of the new zones? Raid concepts? Other stuff. TELL US!

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