Girls Gone WoW – Show 384: BLIZZCON HYPE TRAIN

IT’S NEARLY BLIZZCON! So we’ve invited Rho back on to tell us how to do things and get all your hints and tips too! ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET?

You can find Rho alllll over the place but also on twitter @RhoWoW

Next week: What’s your view on patch 8.3 news? No spoilers please!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 363: Blizzcon tickets and in game purchases

Marie is back! And we’re squeeing about Blizzcon tickets and talking about the purchases from the store: pets, mounts and character services. Are they good for the game? Too expensive? We have thoughts.

You can find Marie on Twitter @mbhutz.

Next week: Simon F is coming back once again to talk about humour in WoW. What jokes are just too funny? What misses the mark a bit? Are there any particular quests you find hilarious? Tell us things.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 340: How was Blizzcon for you?

Just the two of us this week with LOTS of listener feedback on Blizzcon! And there was lots of discuss!

Next week: We’re recording on SATURDAY because we have Mylin1 joining us from New Zealand! We’re talking about the art in BAzeroth. What do you like? Which is your favourite coat? You know, important stuff.

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