Girls Gone WoW – Show 247: WoW and other MMOs

This week, long time no see, but Boss Rob is back with us again! We’re talking about how other MMOs compare to WoW and lots of other things to catch up on as we missed last week. Sorry about that.

You can find Rob @skie on Twitter.

Next week: Do you want to guest? Let me know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 177: Put on those rose-tinted glasses

This week The Boss is in the house as the girls are joined by Rob Roberts from VOG Network to talk about their favourite memories from WoW of old. ┬áHear their stories of Ahn’Qiraj, Thunderfury, Karazan and the Lich King as they discuss whether things really were better in the old days.

Some listener favourite moments:

@_gmh_ a the opening of Ahn-Qiraj


@_gmh_ Hitting 60 and jumping off Teldrassil to celebrate


@ayligerwolf in a daily PVP battle in Tol Barad


You can find Rob @skie on Twitter or over at

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