Girls Gone WoW – Show 404: Horrific Visions!

It’s a long one this week because we just love talking to Cinder! We were chatting all about the new patch and especially he horrific visions content. Also I remembered the names of two separate things so the world is clearly ending.

You can find Cinder on Twitter @cinder_tweets

Next week: We’re talking about corrupted gear with Mr B!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 286: Shaman time with Cinder

After a certain amount of faffing about with guests this week, Cinder joined us to talk about shaman! Yay! It was lovely to catch up with her again.

Next week: We’re talking monks so if you know about monks why don’t you come on the show and tell us about them? PLEASE?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 227: Fuck Skype. Seriously.

I think you’ll just have to pray I stuck all the bits of this show together right really. Skype hates us. I hate Skype. We did have the ever lovely Cinder with us this week and we did have some chat about leveling in Legion but if the sound quality sucks, I’m very sorry….

You can find Cinder @cinder_tweets on Twitter

Next week: Tre joins us once again to talk about vanilla and pristine servers. Are they a good thing? Would you like to play on one? What makes it attractive?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 204: Alarmed by the thrusting monkey

This week it’s all a bit chaotic as Raven has lost the use of the English language but Cinder joins us to save the day and talk all things beta. Find out what wonderful beta testers the hosts are. Oh yes. We test all the important things.

You can find Cinder @cinder_tweets or ON HER NEW PODCAST at

Next week: We’re taking a break but we will be back on 20 December with Sil to talk all things RP.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 191: Leading the raid

This week the lovely Cinder has joined us, continuing an Australian theme, to talk about all things raid leadership. We answer your questions and chat about our own experiences for nearly two hours! Go us.

You can find Cinder @cinder_tweets or

Next week: we have run out of inspiration so if you want a show you’ll have to tell us what to talk about. Sorry.

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