Girls Gone WoW – Show 375: Who likes vanilla?

Just the two of us again this week and a slightly short show as EJ wasn’t too well but it’s still a good one! We’re talking about classic this week and seeing how people are looking forward to it!

Next week: We’re talking about Mechagon! Do you like it? What’s the best bit?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 298: Classic WoW

We’re talking about Classic this week with our lovely friend Joe from The Podcast of the Whale. Find out what we think Classic should look like! Seems like it’s a contentious issue.

You can find Joe all over the place! @epicgrays, @podofthewhale @geektitude…

Next week: Marie is back and we’re talking about leveling! Are you looking forward to the world scaling? Or can’t wait for the Classic grind? Do you like leveling or do you only really like end game content.

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