Girls Gone WoW – Show 248: WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

Constraxx joins us again this week to talk about hidden artifact appearances and Raven’s inability to open her own bedroom door without smacking herself in the face. It’s been a week. Also some pony stuff and driving stories so we’ve got all your bases covered!

You can find Constraxx on Twitter @constraxxone.

Next week: Eric is joining us to talk about voiceover work in Wow! What’s your favourite? Who would you love to hear do an NPC? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 220: Grouping up!

This week our regular correspondent Constraxx joins us to chat about using the group finder tool and the difference it has made to the game.

You can find Constraxx @constraxxone on Twitter.

Next week: Mr Fraser joins us to talk about grindy achievements! How do you stay sane whilst trying for your bigger bag or relentlessly murdering Saberstalkers? What’s your favourite achievement?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 183: Everyone loves melons!

This week we are joined by long time listener and regular email contributor Constraxxs! Lovely to have a regular listener on the show. We’re talking about support roles; what makes a good support? What even is a support role? Can you be a support as DPS? These questions and more will be answered along with your usual doses of driving lesson anecdotes, pony updates and general chaos. We call this ‘business as usual’.

You can find Constraxxs @constraxxone on Twitter.

The link to the podcast Marie mentioned is

Next week: We’ll be recording at some point when I’m not walking up a hill to give a quick initial thoughts about 6.2! Tell us what you think of it when it hits on Tuesday (or Wednesday if you’re over here).

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