20 Days of Wow: Day 1 – Favourite class and why?

I’ve also fallen for the trap of ’20 days of Wow’.
Time to tackle the first one: Favourite class and why?

I’d constantly screamed Druid on this one. When I started to play this game 6 years ago, I was looking for a shape shifter and I just loved the explanation for druids. Now back then I had the choice between a nightelf or a Tauren. Six years ago I didn’t like the cows that much (how things have changed!) and I made my first nightelf (female) druid. I guess I do fit a stereotype.

I just wanted to shapeshift all the time. I wasn’t that excited about the bearform, but I adored the kitty one. Every time I switched servers I would make a new nightelf druid. I did get frustrated with the class after many years. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. Healing, caster, feral dps and I’ve even tried tanking, though that ended early with all the aggressive pugs nowadays.

I do still love druid, but I felt it was time to try out something new. In the last years I’ve tried all of them and I soon settled for a mage. I liked the high dps and all the little tricks. It amused me for at least a year. Again, I got bored.

However, I’ve recently rolled an orc Shaman and I’m loving it. She’s quite fierce (in my eyes) and I thought enhancement would be interesting. It’s so different playing that. I guess my love for shamans has also grown after reading Rise of the Horde and the story about Thrall. I’m a huge sucker for lore. So for now I am going to say that shaman is my new favourite class, but druids will always have an important place in my heart.

My husband has told me that I’d probably love warlocks even more, so when Cata hits us I’ll be making a goblin warlock and see if they can move shamans of the first place!

Oronil’s past (part 2)

There’s a reason why I never played Oronil as a feral, I suck at it. But I also had to find something ic to make her not want to shift into a kitty or bear. It might not be lore accurate, but I’m pretty content with the outcome of this story 🙂

Several years had past and living with Ravenmane was hard but interesting. He was like a father to her, but he was also a strict mentor. He had taken her under his wing when her mother had died. He had given her a month to get used to living in her new home, but then he started his training. Her destiny was to become a druid. Oronil had heard of them and had seen some of them. They were impressive and she liked how they worked with nature. But soon she had found out that the training of becoming one was a lot harder then she had ever imagined. He showed her the animals and the trees, the flowers and all the plants. He tought her how to fight and how to defend herself. Often she was bruised and losing blood after Ravenmane showed her how easily she could be killed. Over and over again.

She knew that crying and whining wouldn’t help her. So instead she just bit her lip and learned to live with the pain.

It was a quiet night when something came to her mind. Ravenmane was sitting in his big chair, reading a book. Oronil stared into the fire, trying to figure out how to begin her question. “Make up your mind, young one, either you ask the question or you don’t.” Ravenmane had noticed her mouth going open and closing over and over again, each time she wanted to start her question but had stopped herself.

Oronil sighed. “I remember when I was little and you visited us. You said something about my blood, something about my father.. and why was my path already chosen for me? Why didn’t my mother want to tell me who my father was? Is he still alive? How did my mother die?” The questions just rolled out of her mouth. Ravenmane listened to all of them and waited until she was done.

“You’re old enough now to know the truth. But we have to start at the beginning. I you’re your father when he was still young. He was a good friend of mine, a druid like me. He loved his feral abilities as much as I love my healing ones. Your parents were the perfect couple and they quickly got married. But during that time his hunger for power had grown. He wanted to be the best feral fighter ever. And his hunger took him to Felwood. Nature is corrupt in that place and your father started to experiment with the plants and the animals. Trying to find a potion or something else that could improve his strength, his ferocity. He had succeeded, but he had to pay a high price for it. He became just as corrupted as nature in Felwood. In the beginning I didn’t notice. Yes, he was acting differently, but nothing that really worried me. Apperantly some other elves found out and he tried to bribe them. They agreed on keeping his secret save if he’d agreed in an arranged marriage for his daughter. You, Oronil. Your family of your fathers side was one with a lot of influence. And so was the family that wanted your hand in marriage to their son. Your mother wasn’t part of it. She found out later, when your father was already gone. Yes child, the druids found out. Or more correct, I did. It was my duty to tell our leaders about him. He was forming a danger to all of us. Not controlling his abilities, his strength, his lust for blood, he was a monster. We tried to capture him, but he fled. I don’t know what happened to him. Later your mother heard about the deal and she told the family that as long as she was around, she would stand in the way of the union. She also asked me to take care of you if something would happen to you. I am your guardian. Your mother was afraid that you would have inherited some of your fathers bloodlust. The corruption was already flowing through his veins when you were conceived. I never told her that I saw it once. You were young but one of the other children had angered you. I saw how you jumped on him and literally tried to kill him. Your claws were already out and you were slashing away. I grabbed you and pulled you away. You couldn’t remember anything after that. I never told her, because it would only worry her. I wanted to teach you how to handle those instincts, but it will be hard, and you’re just too young now. Now about your mothers death: your mother died on one of her hunting trips. A group of Satyrs jumped her and tore her apart. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to scare you at such a young age. Now I’m sure this story will only make you want to ask more questions. But there’s a time and place for everything, Oronil. And you had quite some information already. I suggest you go to bed and sleep. We have another hard day of work tomorrow.” And with that his gaze was back on the book. Oronil slowly got to her feet and walked to her room. She couldn’t remember how she had fallen asleep that night, but she remembered looking into her mirror once and how scared she was of herself.

What if I had to start all over again?

If I had to start all over again I suspect I would roll exactly the same class; druid. I’ve strayed from my main so many times, yet I always seem to go back on her. Even taking on the role I despise the most; healing.

Yet, I love the druid class. Perhaps because it is a hybrid. I’ve cursed before about being a hybrid; people sometimes expect you to play all of the roles; ranged dps, tank or healer. I’ve had pugs ask me to tank when the assigned tank left when he saw it was […insert random dungeon here], even after telling them my off spec is balance they still insist in me tanking. That’s when I also leave. I really can’t deal with stupid.

I love druids because of their shape shifting, if only from a role-players perspective. There’s so much you can do with them. For years my character wasn’t this hippie-tree-loving girl. Ow yes, she had respect for nature, but because of her background she couldn’t be a feral. It would push her over the edge and she would go insane. Something she inherited from her father who became corrupted. I had lots of fun playing out her background. Perhaps that also made me fond of the class. There’s a big history behind my main character. I’ve been playing her for at least 4 years now.

I’d probably also go for druid again since it’s a class I’m most comfortable with. I know my talents and I know the class. Other classes are fun to mess around on to satisfy my needs for alts, but I never feel that comfortable raiding or instancing on them.

And then there are the tier-sets. I love horns…or antlers. The first set with the dead bird-head was awful, but the next ones… I loved them. I’m secretly hoping that all the antler-sets are coming back in cataclysm. None of this bird-crap, I want my horns!

My very first post.. *squees*


I guess everyone should have an introductionairy post and here’s mine: I’ve been playing the game since the release and though I’ve tried many classes and enjoyed them, there has always been one class that I loved the most: druid. Yes, I have strayed and I’m a chronic altoholic, but I always seem to come back to my druid.

I would not say I am an amazingly skilled player. Yes, I can keep myself alive and I know what each button does. But I was never one for the theorycrafting or numbercrunching. I use other blogs and websites to get information about what the best gems are and what the best specs are at the moment.

I started with a nelf druid. I did everything with her; questing, raiding, roleplaying and I loved it all. I remember levelling her on a normal pve server and I got her to 60. But I got tired of the server and decided to roll a second druid on an rp-pvp server. I enjoyed it immensely. Now mind you, I’m was a crap pvp player. I somehow got into a panic mode as soon as I was being attacked. I just ran around like a headless chicken, forgetting what my buttons actually did and started to mash on my keyboard. Then I died. I did become better every time and nowadays I quite like pvp. The only thing I haven’t tried is arena’s.

During my time on the rp-pvp server I met some amazing people and some of them I still consider good friends. After raiding in WotLK I started to get tired of playing the same things over and over again. I strayed to some alts, but getting them all up to 80 was…. boring me, I guess.

I tried horde for a while and loved the new quests. I tried al the races just to get a feel of their background and the lore, it awakened my love for WoW again.

In the end I went back to alliance, switched server to be with some rl-friends and now we’re starting to to build up our guild.

About this blog:

It will mostly contain things I experienced in WoW, some news things I’ve read, my levelling updates, screenshots and I even want to start drawing again and posting it here. I used to be ok at drawing, but I stopped and after 8 years, I think it is time to take it up again. It will be hard and painful , since I’m always too picky about my own work and I know that I need to practice a lot. But as soon as I am comfortable with posting my work I will. I’ll also post some ic stories from my characters and their bio’s.

And that’s basically it. Ow and if you’re wandering about the name: human moose…. my druid  had the moose headpiece and when I was in a bg (when it was still against your own realm) there was this famous troll priest who figured out what keys to use to “talk” to alliance. He saw me and called me ‘human moose’. It made me giggle and I thought it would be a nice name. Also I love antlers on all the druidsets. So it only makes sense.