Girls Gone WoW – Show 413: Best thing you ever did in game

We have Jarf and Elizabella with us this week and we’re talking all about the best thing that ever happened to you in game! It’s a big hugfest (VIRTUAL HUGS ONLY)

You can find them on Twitter @grandmasterjarf and @The_Elizabella

Next week: Marie is back and we’re talking all about getting into raiding when you’re 15 years into the game!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 351: Dorfs!

This week Jarf and Elizabella are with us to talk all things dorf, particularly dark iron dorf and heritage armor! It gets a bit daft, sorry…

You can find them @grandmasterJarf and @The_Elizabella on twitter.

Next week: We have Korenwolf with us again to ask: how can you make LFR better? Don’t say we don’t ask the big questions over here!

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