Girls Gone WoW – Show 240: Life in the class hall

This week Andy joins us once again but we manage to get the technology working this time so you can actually hear what we recorded! *phew* We’re talking about class order halls! Find out if we like them or not and which ones are our favourites (clue: DRUID) and we have lots of listener input too!

You can find Andy @gilneanguy on Twitter.

Next week: Kath will be joining us and we’ll be talking about coming back to WoW after taking a break.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 197: Curing the alt-itis

We have a first time podcaster with us this week: welcome Andy! How are we finding alts in Warlords? Bit tricky I think is the overall verdict but lots of you had things to say on the topic so do take a listen!

You can find Andy @GilneanGuy on twitter.

Next week: Rho is joining us from Realm Maintenance and we’ll be talking all about the state of the podcast community. Tell us your favourite shows! Tell us what you think is missing, or what new podcasts you’d like to see. A

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