Girls Gone WoW – Show 272: Everyone loves EJ!

We’re talking all things reputation with Idina this week once we get our technical issues sorted out. Bit of a random one. I’m sure you won’t mind…

You can gind Idina on Twitter @idina2011

Next week: We’re talking class mounts and if you want to talk class mounts with us LET ME KNOW!

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Girls gone WoW show 143: All the aeroplanes

We dive back to when MoP just launched and give it a review after playing this latest xpac for the last years. We are accompanied by Idina and discuss all things wow and mop. Also, how do you like our new intro and outro! It’s amazeballs!

Show 143:

Welcome Idina

Interview time

–          Tell us about yourself briefly, the player behind the characters (Sil)

How did you start playing WoW? (EJ)

–          What was your first character, do you still play them now and how do you feel about alts? (Raven)

– What’s your favourite thing to do in game? (sil)

– Are you going to Blizzcon or are you part of the Blizzcon in your PJs party? (EJ)

– Have you been paying attention to the Beta news and if so, is there anything you are excited or disappointed about so far? (raven)

–              Finally: Give us your best savage roar! (Sil)


How was our week in wow?

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Show 143: A review of MoP; the highs and the lows.

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Show 144: How to get raid ready! What can you as a player do to get yourself ready to move from LFR into Flex or even Normal raiding? What is important to a raid leader? What do raid leaders look at in new potential raiders? Any useful tips for new or veteran raiders?

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