Girls Gone WoW – Show 332: Favourite levelling zone in BAzeroth

Marie is back this week! YAY! And we’re talking about levelling zones in BAzeroth. We got a bit more into the Alliance than the Horse but it seems like everyone thinks Blizz did a prettygood job this time round.

You can find Marie @MBhutz on Twitter.

Next week: Caz is joining us and we’re all inspired by Serena Williams to talk about the women in Wow. Lots of strong women this time round – who’s story are you enjoying?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 227: Fuck Skype. Seriously.

I think you’ll just have to pray I stuck all the bits of this show together right really. Skype hates us. I hate Skype. We did have the ever lovely Cinder with us this week and we did have some chat about leveling in Legion but if the sound quality sucks, I’m very sorry….

You can find Cinder @cinder_tweets on Twitter

Next week: Tre joins us once again to talk about vanilla and pristine servers. Are they a good thing? Would you like to play on one? What makes it attractive?

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