Girls Gone WoW – Show 407: Lore in 8.3

Another lore show for you this week, but with a new guest – Jaymes. We chat about more current lore than last week and generally have a lovely time.

You can find Jaymes @hotapollo on Twitter.

Next week: We’re going to rustle up some mooseketeers and chat about the new season affix in mythic plus!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 406: Shoeboots in the house!

It was a GREAT show this week when Shoeboots from Merely a Setback and Azeroth Public Radio joined us to talk all about lore. There *might* also have been a sneak 23 seconds of the second episode of APR buried in here somewhere. Maybe.

You can find Shoeboots on Twitter @theshoeboots

Next week: Jaymes is joining us to talk about lore in patch 8.3 and it’s a Saturday show! Someone remind me on Friday.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 322: Hopes for lore in Bazeroth!

This week The Akasaurus joined us to talk about the lore in WoW, and what we’re hoping for in Bazeroth. There was also a slightly unfortunate incident of gnome hate but we’ll gloss over that for now…

You can find Akasaurus @theAkasaurus on twitter

Next week: No guess in case we end up drinking too much gin in the afternoon but give us your bucket list updates! How are you getting on?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 277: Warriors with Rossi

This week we have with us on the show the one and only MATT ROSSI!! We were super excited and it’s an awesome show. We talk about warriors and a bit of lore and also get a chance to hear him talk about his recent novels: Nameless, Heartless and Fearless which are really good and you should read them!

You can find Matt in many places including over at, on twitter @MatthewWRossi or you can find his books on Amazon either in the UK here or the US here.

Next week: Tre is joining us and we’re talking all things hunter! How are you finding them in Legion? What do you think of your artifact weapon and your order hall? Tell us things!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 209: For the Horde!

Slightly random one this week when Michael joins us to talk about the Horde! Hear about our favourite races, bits of lore, and thoughts about hordeish architecture along with your usual dose of car and Dino anecdotes.

Cute kitten pic is here!

You can find Michael @mikenj27 on Twitter.

Next week: Spanky joins us to talk about starting PVP this late in an expansion. Share you experiences or ask us questions!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 180: The late night lore show with Anne Stickney

This week, OMG! We have the one and only, the AMAZEBALLS Anne Stickney as our guest so we can only talk about one thing: lore in the World of Warcraft. Turns out we can talk about this for a loooooong time. The show is over two hours. Sorry about this. My hosting isn’t too happy about it either, AH WELL. It is a pretty damned good show even if I do say so myself so belly up to the bar, snag a glass of your favourite beverage and hear everything we have to say about lore with an expert in the house.

You can find Anne over at (Raven & EJ are proud patrons!) and weekly on the Blizzard Watch podcast on iTunes or on twitter @shadesogrey.

You can see Marzana’s GamesCon pictures over at

Next week: We are on a roll for AMAZEBALLS guest and next week Jules & Marconin from the Tauren Think Tank will be joining us! Get us your Dear Abby questions for advice needed in WoW and we’ll try and get them answered for you. Voicemails would be awesome!! #justsayin

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