Girls Gone WoW – Show 239: Where’s Raven?

Bit like Where’s Wally? but easier because the answer is: in her bed sleeping. Not joking. This week has been kicking my arse so the wonderful Mr F stepped valiantly into the breach and I went to bed at 21.30. Also joining EJ this week is Macraz and the probably talked about dungeons but I have no idea as I wasn’t there.

Next week: Er…there’s probably a show. But you’ll have to listen to the end of this one to find out who’s on.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 192: What’s in a name?

It’s all about names this week when the lovely Mr F joins us! Do you have one name across all Blizzard games? Battle tags or real ID? It’s all here.

You can find Simon on twitter @SimonFr.

Next week: Tell us about your flying adventures! Where have you enjoyed seeing? Did you find any glitches? Which mounts are you happy to have back?

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