Girls Gone WoW – Show 399: Mooseketeers do mythic+!

The Mooseketeers, the main EU mythic plus team from the Girls Gone WoW podcast take a run through a couple of mythic plus dungeons to give listeners who may not have tried them an idea of what’s going on and how they work! We cleared a Tol Dagor 9 and a Motherlode 12, both in the time, and tried to talk about addons and stuff that we find useful and tactics for some of the keys. We’re not experts, and don’t profess to be so, but we just want to show that anyone can have a go at this content!
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Girls Gone WoW – Show 370: Moosketeers Mythic+ Roundtable

Bit of a different show this week as we’ve got all our #moosketeer buddies in to talk about the mythic+ dungeon system and why we love it! We’ve done super well this season so hear about why we think this is great content!

You can find us all on Twitter: @fatusbloke, @annthegamer, @giacojames, @flyhmster

Next week: 8.2 is finally here – what are your thoughts and feelings about it? What are you enjoying? Tell us things!

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