Girls Gone WoW – Show 343: Pandas!

This week Mike joins us once again to talk about the Pandaren! And we had a great chat about lots of other stuff too.

You can find Mike on Twitter @mikenj27.

Next week: The Hamster, Korenwolf himself, will be joining us to talk about why tanks are miserable bastards. So….tell us about tanking stuff!

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Girls gone WoW 73 LiLi; the marmite of the Valley of the Four Winds

The second area of Pandaria has a lot going on when it comes to the story. We meet some interesting NPC’s (one of which is a real creeper) and we delve into the Dutch world of flying cats which chase cows. Also what’s up with people being mean in dungeons lately! Be ready for some rants on this week’s show!

Show 73:

Welcome back Marie

Interview time

  • Give us an update: what has changed since last time we spoke?
  • What is your favourite thing to do in MoP so far?
  • Boobie-update: what are the best and worst boobies in game right now?

How was our week in WoW?

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Show 73: Want some beer? Godzilla and Mothra? Starship troopers? You want a montage? We’re talking about Valley of the Four Winds, but what do you have to say about it?

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A wild wow-player appears! Fight! It’s pet battles! Are you enjoying them and do you have your perfect teams? Or are you staying away from this pokemon wannabe? #wow #podcasts #warcraft

Girls gone WoW 73 LiLi; the marmite of the Valley of the Four Winds

Planning for MoP

I’m probably not the first and I most certainly won’t be the last person giving my opinion about the new Pandaren female model. In short, I’m happy with it. She looks cute, but not overly sexy. She might not be as big and round as some people hoped, but at least she’s not (as I like to call it) a pair of melons on a stick. I love what they did with her hair and I can’t wait to get a cute bun with chopsticks on my future characters.

After falling in love with the new female Pandaren model, I have the following list in my head for characters on Argent Dawn:

  • Tauren Shaman (who might be race changed into a panda, she’s already level 58)
  • Nightelf Mage (might also change her into a panda)
  • Nightelf and Tauren Druid (both with different specs: cat/bear and moonkin/resto)
  • Troll Warlock
  • Dreanai Warrior
  • Dreanai Hunter
  • Bloodelf Rogue
  • And two Pandarian Monks!

All female characters. I will not be playing a Paladin or a Deathknight on this server. I don’t mind the Paladin class that much, but I’d prefer to have two Druids. Who knows, if the monk class isn’t that great I might get a Paladin after all. When it comes to the Monks I will put them on Horde and Alliance. Lets see how that works out.

Looking at the glyph changes for druids, I will also be levelling a glyphmaker. I think my two Druids will be good candidates for that.

Now with all of this, I am still looking for a fun guild on Argent Dawn. Though there is a contest coming up where we are starting a guild for the Podcast and podcast listeners. With some luck that guild will grow into a wonderful home!

















Girls gone WoW show 33 Blizzcon Pandamonium

Today’s show is all about Blizzcon 2011. Sil, EJ and Rob are joined by Raven and Tom and we get into all the interesting wow-news that’s been coming out during Blizzcon.

We discuss our e-mails and tweets from our listeners, but we’re also speculating what the female Pandaren could look like.

We hope it will be this:

But most likely she will end up looking like this:

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See you all next week!

Our topics for show 34: Do you collect anything in wow?

Topic 2: Did changing factions change how you play?