Girls Gone WoW – Show 307: Favourite races in game

This week Reea joined us to talk about our favourite playable races in WoW; current and thoughts for future allied options. You all had a lot to say on this topic!

You can find Reea on Instagram as citikas.

Next week: *drum roll* We’re finally redoing the Jo Perez interview!!! Get us your questions for Joe, open floor, have as it!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 203: Races of Azeroth

Shoryl joined us this week to talk all about the races of Azeroth. Find out who we think should be playable and why armour is all about the legs…

You can find Shoryl @shoryl_mn. 

Next week: Cinder joins us and we talk all things beta! Are you in either of the betas at the moment? What makes a good beta player? Do you want to be in a beta or would you rather wait until it’s all released?

Day 2 – Favourite race and why?

When I first started playing, I knew what I wanted to be: a Nightelf. I liked their looks and I was a sucker for pretty races.
After 6 years I still like the looks of Nightelves (but please give the old models more pixels, Blizz!), but I am not impressed with their background stories. I’ve read the almost all of the WoW books and I started to dislike the Nightelf-vision a bit. They have a dislike for the other races, started a lot of crap because they couldn’t control their magic addiction and they still seem very much xenophobic after all these years of working within the Alliance. I still like their looks though *grins*. It must be the face tattoos on the female models.

After 6 years I am starting to feel a lot more love for the horde models: I always got the feeling that orc-ladies looked wrong. Too masculine I guess. After reading Rise of the horde however, I started to appreciate these strong females a lot more.
The same goes for Tauren ladies; I love how the race is as a whole. So in tune with nature and they seem like gentle giants. After they updated the feral models for all druids, I just fell in love with their bear- and cat-forms.

But from tomorrow on I know that my favourite race will be goblins. I tried them in the beta and I’ve never had so much fun. I love their animations, their silly and fabulous hairstyles and what they stand for. Short yet deadly, but not having the absolute cute-factor that I sometimes get when seeing gnomes. I think this will be my ideal race to play. I can’t wait for tonight!

Everyone have fun playing Cataclysm!