Girls Gone WoW – Show 306: Ready for raiding!

This week Mr B, EJ’s wonderful husbandface, joined us to tell us how raiding had been this time time round. Which is good ‘cos we haven’t really done much!

You can find Simes @sivation on Twitter

Next week: Reea will be joining us to talk about playable races! Which is your favourite? Who do you hope we get to ally with? Who has the best lore? Tell us!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 261: Are we ready for raiding?

This week birthday boy Simes joined us to talk about the state of raiding in Legion. Sounds like we don’t like very much!

You can find Simes on Twitter @sivation

Next week: Marie is back! And we’re talking about titles in game – what are your favourites? Which ones do you hate? What would you put in the game if you had the power?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 182: Mountastic

This week the ever lovely Simes joins us to talk all things mount collecting, and with 277 of his own he certainly knows what he’s talking about! Find out what are everyones favourites, and what we’re all working at in our circuits of disappointment and how long some people have taken to get Invincible.

You can find Simes on Twitter @sivation or at

Next week: Long time listener and regular contributor Constraxxone joins us! We’re talking about support roles in WoW which roles does that apply to in your opinion? Do you like playing a support role and why? Does this just apply during raids and dungeons or does it have a wider scope during all types of activities in World of Warcraft?

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Girls gone WoW 119: Mr wow encyclopaedia!

There are so many changes to gear and stats announced that we could only have one person to discuss that with us: Simes aka Husbandface J

Show 119:

Welcome Simes

Interview time:  quick recap time

How was our week in WoW?

Winners Halloween competion.

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New segment: if you want to promote your guild or looking for recruitment or if you are looking for a guild, send us a voicemail and we shall play this on the show!

Show 119: All the stats that change

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Show 120:  Facelift time! We chat about the new character models that have been revealed and what we want from the ones that haven’t been shown yet.

Girls gone WoW 119: Mr wow encyclopaedia! Download!