Girls Gone WoW – Show 408: Mythic + Season 4

We had a great show this week when Stabby joined us to talk all about the season 4 mythic plus and the new seasonal affix that I still can’t remember the name of despite us discussing it a lot on the show only yesterday. Sorry.

You can find Stabby @fatusbloke on Twitter or on our discord channel!

Next week: Sil is back! Long time no see but the old team is back together and we’re talking about RP. How are you finding it in BfA?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 377: All about the loot

Stabs is with us this week and we’re talking about….loot. Is mythic+ killing raiding? We think not but lots of opinions from people here today!

You can find Stabs @fatusbloke on Twitter or kicking about in our Discord.

Next week: We’re talking about showing your love for WoW outside the game! Do you wear the merch? T shirts? Tattoos….? Let us know

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