Girls Gone WoW – Show 265: #teampositive

EJ is out sick this week but fortunately the wonderful Leeta is with me so we did the show anyway! It’s all about the brighter side of WoW this week with lots of #teampositive input from our listeners.

You can find Leeta @leetawow on Twitter.

Next week: Bill @gimpsgold is joining us to talk about gold making! How are you finding it in Legion? What are you hot tips?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 216: Drunken blathering with EJ & Raven

Sorry this is late this week! We did manage to do a show eventually, but really, if we’d recorded on Sunday it would have been a mess. And not in a good way. Hear where we are with out bucket lists and some fabulous #teampositive updates from listeners!

Next week: Cherryanna Swiftalon is joining us to talk about favourite old content. What’s your favourite dungeon? Or raid boss? Or quest? Why do you like it so much?

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