Girls Gone WoW – Show 268: The Training Dummies v GGW!

This week the lovely chaps from The Training Dummies, Darryl and Rob, have joined us and we’re talking about all about the faction war! Should it end? What should become of the factions? How do you want to see it turn out?

You can find them on Twitter @TrainingDummies.

Next week: We’re talking about that knife I can’t spell. Did you keep the eye? What’s going on with all that? What other artifacts do you want to see return to Azeroth? Let us know!

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Girls gone WoW show 130: Holding the fort

The girls are minus a Sil tonight, but they do a wonderful job at leading the show and having a chat with the wonderful Hend  and Rob from the Training dummies! There is some chat about wow, but also a lot talk about other mmo’s.

Show 130:

Welcome back Hend and Rob!

Interview time with The Training Dummies!

Little recap; tell us about the podcast!

How was our week in WoW?

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Show 130: State of the servers when it comes to community

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