Girls Gone WoW – Show 253: Lookin’ gooooood

This week that fabulous Cymre Jones joins us to talk about all things transmog! We have a good natter about what’s up with the wardrobe and our favourite things to do.

You can find Cymre @cymre on twitter or over at her wonderful blog

Next week: Marc joins us to talk about how WoW helps us be healthy!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 218: Transmog baby!

This week Ams joined us and we talked all about our favourite transmog sets, how we make them and which items we like.

Some links to Ams favourite ones:

Lisia’s blog:

Sivation’s tweets:


Warlock transmog

Hunter transmog: the result

Spanky’s tweets:

Insane in the Membrane macro from Gildina:

  • /tar Shakes
  • /tar Deck/li>
  • /tar Doc/li>
  • /tar Prof
  • /tar Captain
  • /tar First
  • /cast {your damage spell}

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Next week: Lisia is joining us to talk about casual hardcore raiding!

Girls Gone WoW – Show 202: Transmog baby!

This week Macraz joined us to talk all about the new transmog system! Find out which items we’re super excited to get back, and what we’re going to do with all that bank space.

You can find Macraz on Twitter @Maoclavijor.

Next week: Shoryl will be joining us to talk about the races of Azeroth. Who do you love? Who needs more lore? Which non-playable races would you love to be able to play? Let us know!

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