The big change

The Shattering is upon us and it has changed the world (of Warcraft) literally. When I logged on this morning (yay for European realms being up quicker than expected) I was amazed by Ogrimmar. I had already seen it in the beta, but I didn’t want to spoil it for myself and I hardly played it. I started to explore and I love the vibe of this city. It’s so much more war-like.

It also feels as if I’m playing a brand new game. All my quests in Azeroth were wiped from my log. Time to start questing in altered places with new quests, but here is also the ‘big’ problem. I have no clue what to level.
I switched from alliance to horde a few months ago. I still love my alliance chars, but I guess being the same races over and over again for 5 years gets really boring. I picked up my old undead mage, dusted her bones off and started playing. I had a (fire)blast. I also found a pretty cool guild with lovely people in it. I feel like I’m part of something again.

Sure, I still feel the urge to jump back to my previous ally-servers and see if I haven’t made a mistake, but I should not do it. I should really focus on this new guild and really experience life on the horde side. But change is scary.
I have that even more now that I have the option to level a brand new char in a relative brand new world. Here comes the age old question: what class (or race) do I pick? I would love to get my mage to 80 but at 70 she’s stuck in Northrend and I really don’t want to hit that area with all the new/old world changes. Even if levelling there isn’t going to take ages like it used to. I think that for the next two weeks I will be playing my enhancement shaman and/or my feral druid. I blame reading ‘Rise of the Horde’ for my renewed love of Tauren and Orcs.

3 thoughts on “The big change

  1. This decision was insanely easy for me (though I have yet to actually log into game…!) I’ve wanted to get to grips with a troll for some time now (having never really played one), and ditto a druid. Therefore being able to roll a troll druid is just utter win for me. I’m undecided on what my goblin will be though… So many options… Have fun whatever you roll though 🙂

  2. @ Pilfkin: troll druids are very cool. I’ve decided on my orc shammie 🙂 she’s only 25 now and it will be interesting to level her until cata.

    @ Mirandinn: I really want a goblin warlock and I will be playing that when it comes available. For now I’ve settled on my orc shaman.

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