The Dreaded Feral

I’ve levelled as feral before. I even had a shot at tanking as a bear in TBC. I only tanked with guildies and warned them that it was practice runs, so dying was probably going to happen. I didn’t suck. Then how come that I’m still being a resto/moonkin?

I find feral complicated and dare I say it, I’m a very lazy player. That was until recently. I started to read up more about resto’s and I really love playing a resto NOW. My other spec (the moonkin one) isn’t interesting to me anymore. I’ve played it for 5 years and I just don’t feel the connection any longer. I was toying with the idea of playing feral again and after reading some feral blogs, I’m starting to get really enthusiastic about exploring this new build for my beloved druid. I will stay resto for the guild, but if I seriously start enjoying feral I’ll make my druid a cat/bear-build for Cataclysm.

So to start things off I’ve been running dungeons with my hubbie. I’m still healing, but I’m gathering badges and rolling need on the feralgear that drops. Once I have some good gear, I’m going to try out feral-dps and practice bear-tanking within the safety of my guild 😉

It’s weird how exciting this makes me feel about my little druid again. I guess changing specs as a hybrid class is also a way to beat the pre-expansion boredom. Well, that and Loremaster…

And if anyone has any tips for a fresh virgin feral player, let me know ^^

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  1. Ugh, after playing a warrior tank for almost 5 years, druidtanks seem so limiting. I do however love the ease of healing and the way I can just rock the damagemeters as boomkin without really trying 🙂 Good luck with the tanky though.

  2. As a fellow bearbutt, i would suggest going to wowhead’s druid forums, reading the Druid FAQ, and everything associated with it under the feral category. “Faceblocking 101” and “The Druid’s Guide to Tanking” are also great reads, found in the sticky labeled “Helpful Threads – Read Before Posting”. That’ll do LOTS to get you on your way. Elitistjerks is good, but it’s far too math-intensive for my little brain to comprehend most of the time. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but if you wanna know any little tips for certain things, feel free to drop me a line as well. 😀

  3. I’m going to transfer my druid over and get her to 80 before the expansion. She’s been resto since level 1 but it’s definitely feral all the way from now on. There’s no other class that feels like you’ve been given a free character every time you change specs. Shaman is the closest and what I play (and love) now but I switch between specs and still feel like the same character, sharing the same spells. The difference between a tree and a cat is incredible and I have major kitty envy every time I see a good druid in action. I never enjoyed tanking on my druid as much as other classes and that was mostly a visual thing, it’s harder to see what’s going on when your screen is filled with big bear butt! However, I love grouping with a bear tank.

  4. Feral is absolutely brilliant! I prefer feral dps a bit more than feral tanking at the moment (if I were forced to choose, anyway, I would go cat over bear), but bear tanking is a lot of fun as well (and should get a bit more interesting than it is today). The cat rotation can be complex at first, but once you get the hang of it it becomes a lot easier. Bear tanking is less complex than kitty, though you have to adapt to not having some of the tools of other classes (no silences, Bash as your main interrupt on a 1 min cd, etc), but you also get to make the other classes jealous of your insane HP :3
    I’ve finally got my guide to kitty dps up on my site, and will be getting one on bears up soon; other good places to check out are the WoW Druid class forums (there are some good guides in the stickies up top) and Elitist Jerks has some nice guides. I’m always happy to chat about the 2 specs as well. 🙂

    Gluck and have fun!


  5. IMO, bear tanking is simultaneously easy and hard…

    It’s easy because you don’t really have all that much to do, especially in AOE… Maul, Swipe. FFF/Lacerate when you get a free GCD. In single-target…. Maul, FFF, Lacerate to 5 stacks… then Maul, FFF when off cooldown, Lacerate when you have to (to keep 5 stacks), Demo Roar when you have to, and Swipe.

    It’s also hard because…. well, you don’t really have all that much to do. If you lose aggro, you can taunt, and if you lose aggro again you can not-really-mass-taunt. Your aggro is pretty much linear with very few ways available to push it higher, and while you can shift your spec and rotation a little bit to affect it, gear is key to how much aggro you are capable of doing.

    Kitty DPS is also simultaneously hard and easy. It’s easy because you can be fumbly and mess up and do reasonable middle-of-the-pack dps. It’s hard because if you want to push out high dps, you cannot make mistakes. It’s also hard because unlike some other classes where you can just push whatever button is off cooldown, you almost always have access (provided you have the energy) to all your abilities, and the key is knowing which ability helps out your DPS most RIGHT NOW… or if it helps most to wait 3 seconds and use a different one.

    I absolutely love being feral though. My guild needed healers, and I healed for quite a long time. While it wasn’t my favorite, I enjoyed it… but after awhile I was pretty much just viewed as a healer. So I specced out of resto into dual feral. It’s just FUN to me.

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