What if I had to start all over again?

If I had to start all over again I suspect I would roll exactly the same class; druid. I’ve strayed from my main so many times, yet I always seem to go back on her. Even taking on the role I despise the most; healing.

Yet, I love the druid class. Perhaps because it is a hybrid. I’ve cursed before about being a hybrid; people sometimes expect you to play all of the roles; ranged dps, tank or healer. I’ve had pugs ask me to tank when the assigned tank left when he saw it was […insert random dungeon here], even after telling them my off spec is balance they still insist in me tanking. That’s when I also leave. I really can’t deal with stupid.

I love druids because of their shape shifting, if only from a role-players perspective. There’s so much you can do with them. For years my character wasn’t this hippie-tree-loving girl. Ow yes, she had respect for nature, but because of her background she couldn’t be a feral. It would push her over the edge and she would go insane. Something she inherited from her father who became corrupted. I had lots of fun playing out her background. Perhaps that also made me fond of the class. There’s a big history behind my main character. I’ve been playing her for at least 4 years now.

I’d probably also go for druid again since it’s a class I’m most comfortable with. I know my talents and I know the class. Other classes are fun to mess around on to satisfy my needs for alts, but I never feel that comfortable raiding or instancing on them.

And then there are the tier-sets. I love horns…or antlers. The first set with the dead bird-head was awful, but the next ones… I loved them. I’m secretly hoping that all the antler-sets are coming back in cataclysm. None of this bird-crap, I want my horns!

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